Founder’s Perspective

“Silver Oaks The School” is a dream come true project for the founder Sri K.S. Vasu. His goal to create, a “Complete Digital School”, shaped into a reality when Silver Oaks was formally inaugurated on 18th June 2014. Since its inception, The Silver Oaks has been shaping itself into a Complete Digital School. More stress is laid on Core Values and Indian Culture along with the academic subjects. Quality teaching is the strong foundation of Silver Oaks. Silver Oaks has grown this tall, with many sacrifices, with a view to sending out dutiful citizens rather than aimless people into the society. Every passing day at Silver Oaks is a different learning experience not only for the students but also for the teachers. It is for the students to grab the best from the teachers.



It is your child’s first official year of schooling and you’ll be amazed by how much he/she flourishes in kindergarten. There will be focus throughout this year on mastering letters, sounds, and words. You’ll watch with delight as she takes her first steps towards reading and writing correctly, especially, when those activities are linked both at school and at home.

Every child is precious and unique, not only for the parents but also for everyone at Silver Oaks. Our preprimary curriculum has been pulled out from four decades of the practical educational experience of our Alma mater SVCHS. We do focus on LSRW skills (Learning, Speaking, Reading & Writing). Our facilities are modern but we are too traditional in handling the child i.e. We nurture him without disturbing his innate talents and creative skills. Schooling is not only fun at SOTS but it is educative too.

  • Well trained and caring faculty

  • Child centric curriculum

  • Regular parent teacher interaction sessions

  • Lunch & Snacks under teachers’ supervision

  • Hygienic toilet facilities

  • Filtered drinking water

  • Safe and ambient environment


Curriculum at Silver Oaks is a hand-picked one for primary kids. Compiled after years of research studying the educational pattern in the top schools of the country. Integrated syllabus gives exposure for the kids to understand the national-level scenario. Most of the textbooks are chosen from the CBSE framework thus giving an edge to the students to face the future level competition. International pattern worksheets test the understanding level of the students.

  • Focus on students gaining knowledge

  • Regular updates to the parents through report cards

  • Special care classes for the slow learners

  • Promotion of English speaking culture

  • Hobby classes (Music, Dance, Chess, Abacus) after school hours

  • Art & Craft, Drawing, Sloka Classes

  • Systematic academic schedule

High School

Silver Oaks The School has got a magical wand for the High School Wing, which balances the high standards of syllabus requirement on one hand and adolescent youngsters on the other hand. Along with education, we focus equally on imparting traditional, cultural, and moral values for the High School students enabling them to groom themselves as well-behaved human beings. Our classrooms are not destined to transform students into prospective earning machines rather we nurture them as caring human beings. Values of family and home are inherently taught. At the same time, our team of educational experts kindles the fire of the young minds.

  • Strict & planned daily academic schedules

  • Focus on English communication skills

  • Digital classrooms with rich academic content

  • Comfortable seating facility

  • Ambient and stress free classrooms

  • Optional IIT course from class 6 onwards

  • Experienced & dedicated faculty

  • Workshops to gain practical knowledge